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10 Positive Affirmations for Mental Health in 2020

Positive Affirmations for Mental Health

Starting a new year is a great time to consider taking better care of your mental health. Positive affirmations can help provide a solid foundation on which you can care for your mental health during the most challenging times.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at 10 positive affirmations for mental health.

Positive Affirmations for Mental Health

On January 1st, we welcomed in more than just a new year. We welcomed in a whole new decade of possibilities. As you go through this first year of the new decade, keep a close watch on the status of your mental health. With proper focus, you can make this a time for learning how to love yourself more, learning how to appreciate others more, and learning how to experience more happiness.

When your focus on a fruitful life starts to waver, try applying some of the following affirmations to your situation.

Here are 10 positive affirmations for mental health in 2020.

Positive Affirmations For Self-Doubt

You Are Loved

As human beings, we all have an inherent need to know that we are valued by others. When doubts or fears are threatening to crowd out your positive thoughts about yourself, take some time to think about those who let you know that you are valuable. These cheerleaders might be your biological family members, friends, coworkers, or group members. You may find that your best understanding of being loved comes from the belief in the unconditional love of a higher power. No matter the source, remind yourself, daily, that you are loved.

You Are Growing

When times get tough, it is helpful to remember that life is about the journey. As we go through various scenarios and struggles, we are tilling the ground of our life so that a new garden can grow. When the work of planting new habits, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding gets tough, take time to think about what plants will be blossoming in your garden of life during the upcoming seasons.

Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

You Can Write Your Own Future

When feeling anxious, we have the tendency to catastrophize. We can begin to imagine that any manner of misfortune is destined to befall us, and this fear can intimidate us away from taking an active role in our lives. Instead of waiting around for life to happen to you, take control of the steering wheel. Failing at something ventured is not the worst thing that can happen. Failing to try at all is the regrettable option.

Remember To Stay In The Moment

Anxiety has its roots in consideration of future events. Learning to live within each, current, moment is a time-tested way to push future concerns away. Mindfulness techniques can help you to stay engaged in the present, and to remain in a mental space where life can be enjoyed for the simple pleasures that it brings. If you notice yourself feeling anxious about the future, use these techniques to bring yourself back to the now.

Positive Affirmations For Depression

The Past Is A Teacher

Those with depression tend to spend a lot of time thinking about their past in a negative light. People have done us wrong, opportunities have been lost, and we have let ourselves down. Rather than feeling sorry for ourselves – or beating ourselves up for our failures – we benefit from learning to view all of our past experiences as being designed to teach us more about ourselves. Without making mistakes, we are not able to eventually become our best selves.

Without struggle, there can be no personal growth.

You Are Doing Your Personal Best

The more good qualities that we have, the more likely we are to be hard on ourselves for not being perfect. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of judging yourself so harshly that you lose the ability to enjoy who you are, today. We are all a work in progress, and we are all doing the best with what we’ve got

Positive Affirmations for Suicidal Thoughts

Life Will Change For the Better

It may not be fun to hear cliches such as, “it is always darkest before the dawn,” but those types of admonitions are often true. Sometimes, things do have to get worse before they get better. Giving into suicide will mean that you will miss out on experiencing that brighter day. You’ve put in too much hard work to not stick around for the rewards!

The World Needs You Here

Take a minute to think of your favorite person. Now, take a moment to think about what life would be like if that person weren’t around. You may not know when, and you may not know for whom, but you are destined to be somebody’s favorite person, too. Without your presence and input, that person’s life experience just won’t be the same.

Positive Affirmations for Addiction Recovery

Find Your True Self

Somewhere – underneath all of the pain, disappointment, and fear that addiction fosters – is the version of you which you were always meant to be. The reasons that have kept you going back to the escapism of substance abuse will stay there as long as you keep running away from them. The only way to the top is through your resolve to make the difficult climb. When you look back at all you have accomplished to get to your true position in life, you will be amazed at all of the gifts you bring to the world.

Old Wounds Can Be Healed

One of the beautiful things about life is that it is very flexible and resilient. With enough persistence in the right direction, any wrong choices that we’ve made can be repaired. You may not be able to heal things in the way that you want, or within your own time frame, but each day that you live at your best is one drop of healing salve for both yourself and for others.


The common theme, throughout all of these affirmations, is that of hope. Hope is the driving force in life, keeping us going forward to meet each new day with vigor.  Use this next year as a time to define what it is that you hope for in life, and then determine what needs to happen for your hope to become a reality. Surround yourself with a team of friends, family, or other support persons, and let them be there to cheer you on.

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